Thursday, November 22, 2012

What to Do if You're an Incarnated Angel / Earth Angel

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Handbook for Incarnated Angels, Introduction

Hello Friends,

Have you ever wondered if you were an angel who incarnated as a human?  Especially now, when so many interesting things are happening around us, and so many people are awakening to ideas they were originally closed to, it's important to know who you really are.  The main reason is Incarnated Angels have a purpose, and understanding their purpose and getting on with what they're meant to do is vital in this day and time.

The following one of my articles first published in Voice of Choices in 1998, and is part of my original campaign to spread awareness of the fact that some people are Incarnated Angels, otherwise known as Earth Angels.  

By the way, there is no difference between Incarnated Angels and Earth Angels.  It's just two ways of saying the same thing.  When I was first directly told by Archangel Michael that some people are really angels incarnate as humans, I coined the term "Incarnated Angels" and started spreading the news, which later got picked up by others who, even though paraphrasing some of my work through describing the exact same innate characteristics I had described in Victory of the Angels, also misrepresented the concept by saying Incarnated Angels have blond hair, or lighten their hair--a claim which has no substance and that Earth Angels tend to have eating disorders and are typically chunky, which again, has no substance. 

Another alteration of my original message claimed an artificial distinction between Incarnated Angels and Earth Angels.  In truth, there is no difference.  In deciding what to call the Incarnated Angels, I may as well chosen Earth Angels and now I am including both appellations, meaning the exact same thing, as I refer to the phenomenon that some people are really Incarnated Angels.

Earth Angels in Human Form Have a Strong Sense of Purpose to Bring Light and Love Into the World

                           By ZARA ANGEL

 I believe that Spirit assigned many angels to lead humans into their highest potential. Some of these angels, to fulfill their specific assignments, needed to be born into human form. In the process of being born, these angels forgot their angelic origin, however, they kept their angelic temperament.


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