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I Am Commissioned By Archangel Michael to Help Incarnated Angels

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Hello Friends, 

I am an angel advocate and I am here to help the Incarnated Angels not only know who they are but also help them to understand and know how to proceed in their earthly sojourn.  

The following article tells how it all got started.  



The Term "Incarnated Angels"  was Inspired to me Directly by Archangel Michael 

n my article, "Victory of the Angels", I revealed the characteristics of Incarnated Angels, and I coined the term "Incarnated Angels". Archangel Michael revealed which of my clients in the Angel Readings I do were "angels incarnate as humans", and as I was writing about this topic for later articles, talks, seminars and classes I was teaching throughout the Pacific Northwest, I thought, "I need to think of a way to say it succinctly", then after sitting at the computer for an extended period of time, Archangel Michael inspired me with the term, "Incarnated Angels". 

I believe the truth is important and that the thousands of Incarnated Angels that are alive on the earth need the truth, so they can feel happy and recognize what they're really here to accomplish, i.e., Helping God help people and doing their part to make this world a better place. That is the reason I have decided to share the following:

Somewhere on the Internet is an "Incarnated Angels" test, which I recently looked at, and can tell you absolutely that this test is misleading and has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you're an Incarnated Angel. It is an incorrect and meaningless test.

I know this because I am the Angel Reader / Angel Medium that Archangel Michael first revealed the concept of "Incarnated Angels" to, and I was commissioned by him to spread the news to individuals who He personally told me were Incarnated Angels. In this capacity, I have worked with over four thousand clients over the years, and fortunately, the majority of the people who have been attracted to my work and who have come to me as clients are Incarnated Angels.

If you want to know if you are an Incarnated Angel, you can read the description Archangel Michael gave me in my article written and published in 1998 called "Victory of the Angels", which you can find through Googling "victory of the angels". When it was published, word spread, and I quickly received hundreds of phone calls from people who recognized themselves as Incarnated Angels from the description I wrote.

The article, "Victory of the Angels", has been published many times since in numerous metaphysical publications.

Since "Victory of the Angels" was published, another author took the concept and ran with it. The problem, however, was that she invented things that simply were not true, and thus twisted the truth--resulting in a great deal of confusion. If you would like to read my original article, "Victory of the Angels", just scroll down in this blog and you can read it.

When I first wrote about "Incarnated Angels" in 1998 and published my article, "Victory of the Angels" in a metaphysical magazine called The Higher Source, the publisher was so amazed by the topic, she applauded me for my bravery in publicly revealing this highly controversial concept. She applauded me because no one else dared talk about it, and no one else seemed to know about it at that time. She recognized herself as one of the Incarnated Angels through my description of them and she was greatly moved and scheduled a reading. In the reading, it was revealed that she was an Incarnated Angel and the clearing and messages she was given in her reading dramatically changed her life for the better, as she reported a year later.

The publisher of that magazine wrote that she read my article over and over again, and as she did, she cried. It touched her so deeply. I still have her testimonial in my files, which, when you read, will make it obvious to you that I was the first to introduce the topic of Incarnated Angels. Oh yes, there have always been many stories of angels who come into the human form temporarily and touch people's lives. But the concept of good angels coming into the human form through being born as a human was a totally different topic and I'm the one who introduced the idea.

When my article was published, word spread quickly and I received hundreds of phone calls from people who recognized themselves as Incarnated Angels from the description I wrote, and many of these people literally cried. Until that time, no one had given them the information they needed for relief from the torment many of them had been experiencing all their lives, and the message of "Incarnated Angels" Archangel Michael commissioned me to reveal made all the difference and at long last gave them relief and a long-awaited sense of peace.

After my article, "Victory of the Angels" came out, another person took the concept and ran with it. That would be no problem except that she invented things about Incarnated Angels that simply were not true. This is very bad for the Incarnated Angels because it has blurred the truth and has resulted in a great deal of confusion. In fact, from this confusion, many people who actually are Incarnated Angels have been caused to feel worse and more confused than ever because, for example, when they read such nonsense as Incarnated Angels are blond and tend to gain weight and they either have a huge amount of money or very little, and all kinds of other things that are completely irrelevant, (coming strictly from imagination rather than truth), and they see it doesn't describe them, they think they've missed the boat and they've failed the test. Although they know in their hearts who they are, the false description makes them feel very bad and almost abused. This is because many Incarnated Angels are naive and trusting, and when they open their hearts they can sometimes be tricked, and when they're tricked, it goes against their intuition and feels horrible to them.

The reason I was commissioned by Archangel Michael to introduce the concept of Incarnated Angels was to help the Incarnated Angels in their plight. You see, Incarnated Angels usually do not know who they are, but the dark side does, and the dark side targets them. Because of this, thousands of Incarnated Angel (clients) I've worked with have come to me in a state of emotional torment because of how unkindly they have been treated by people in their lives. This kind of problem is prevalent for Incarnated Angels because the dark side works through weak-minded, dark-side susceptible individuals to attempt to make the lives of the Incarnated Angels as difficult as they possibly can.

My job, when Incarnated Angels come to me for readings is to help the Incarnated Angels by helping them understand:

1. Who they are
2. What is really going on from a metaphysical perspective

I also help them by:

3. Clearing negative programs from their Akashic Records
4. Teaching them how to ace the various situations they face in brilliant ways
5. Teaching them their purpose and how to accomplish their mission on this earth.

Before I introduced the topic to make it public, no one apparently knew about the possibility at all. Yet, after I wrote about it, people were moved-- not only by my words, but by the truth they could feel in their hearts. Then they called me and came to me, and within the context of readings, I was able to help thousands of these wonderful Incarnated Angels have a better life.

Love and Blessings!


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Victory of the Angels

By Angel Reader  ZARA

I am an Angel-Reader, one who is in close contact with Angels of Light, and who passes these messages along to you, usually within the context of a Reading. All of my life I have received messages for family, friends, and others from the Angels.

Although I could not resist the push I felt to give the messages I received in dreams and meditation, I did not fully understand who these messages were from. Perhaps I should have known, because whenever the messages were given to their intended recipients, they produced so much Love and Healing.

That was the reason I was willing to be the Medium for the messagesThey always felt so beautiful, so helpful, and so right-on.

In 1996, when ARCHANGEL MICHAEL came through and identified himself during a Reading, I was blown away. And yet, he is so kind, so personable, and has such a loving way, the contact I had with him seemed very natural. He is Amazing love and unyielding Force of light all in one. He also enjoys playing with words and has a delightful sense of humor.

The messages that have come through during Readings are not always about the individuals only. Many of the messages are relevant to all of us. Once, around the time that ARCHANGEL MICHAEL made his first personal appearance, a client who was with me received the message that she was created as an Angel before she was a human! The whole reading was wonderful for her, and also for me. It made me feel uplifted as I felt the genuine joy of the person I was with. She said, “I thought that I was an Angel when I was a little girl, but later I thought it couldn’t be true. But now I realize it is true. I am an Angel! ...but how could it be? I’m not perfect.”

The response to her question from the Angels was, “Angels incarnate are not perfect. They are full of love, but they usually do not even remember who they are...that they were created as Angels before they were born into this world as humans. They are loving. They are kind. They are curious, mischievous, and often carry so much energy within they bodies that they are often highly sexual. They are never mean to anyone on purpose. They may make mistakes, and they might hurt others unintentionally, but routinely, as soon as they realize they have caused this hurt, they are sorry, and do whatever needs to be done to make amends.

“The Angels-incarnate are here to help both the Creator and those who were born here on the earth. 
They are the Teachers, the Healers, the Philosophers, the ones who brought in all harmonious art and music for the world to enjoy. They may make mistakes in their lives, but they do so with good intentions and love in their heart, for this is their nature.

“The Angels who were born on the planet earth chose to come here for a specific purpose. From the very beginning, when this earth experiment first began, thousands of Angels volunteered to be born as humans so they could help and guide the ones who were created as humans originally. They came to heal and to inspire. They came to help.”

During the next reading that I gave, ARCHANGEL GABRIEL came through. His message was that this client too was an Angel that had incarnated as a humanThis client, named Andrea also concurred, saying that she had always noticed important differences from her responses to stimuli from the responses of most people. As an example, she often felt perplexed about the fact that, unlike ordinary people, she could not lie, manipulate and deceive, and was often straight-forward even when being candid was not to her greatest immediate advantage.

In other words, she was aware that she had a great deal of purity that she simply could not shake. She had also noted that she was virtually incapable of wishing ill-will upon others, even when they had treated her badly. She said that when she was a child, she intuitively knew she was an Angel. But eventually, due to the influence of other people, she changed her mind. How could she believe anything so seemingly impossible, so different from anything she had been taught? 

Yet, Archangel Gabriel’s message was compelling. 
“Remember who you are” he said. You are an Angel. You came here to help the divine plan. It is important that you recognize your true heritage so that you can quickly get on with your mission...”

This information was startling, because at that time, no one was saying that Angels incarnate as humans. 
As the rest of the reading flowed through, I was amazed that I was the first one to receive and transmit such an important piece of knowledge.
 As time progressed, more and more people that came for a Reading turned out to be Angels incarnate as humans. I found an inner verification for the messages but started to get into doubt anyway. I thought, “How could so many people who come to me just happen to be Angels?” Then I received the answer. The job I have was given before my birth was that of an Angel Advocate. 

That is the reason that so many Angels-incarnate intuitively find their way to me for readings. 
They need an advocate to debrief them so that they can find and receive acknowledgment about their true identity and the purpose of their lives. The archangels lead them to me in various ways. 

Individuals report that after seeing my picture or hearing my name, they have a profound knowledge that coming to me for the messages I deliver is very important for their life and for their path. 
As became apparent in the Readings, these wonderful Angels-Incarnate have not received the best of treatment in their lives. Many of them have low self-esteem because of the way they have been treated.
Also, Angels have one specific quality that can be a bit of a handicap. They are sincere. Others who are not Angels can lie.
Such Angels-incarnate apparently really need an advocate—someone who can accurately receive and deliver true angelic messages...messages that carry with them helpful and practical insights. In this way, through my Angel Readings, the Angels-incarnate are given specific knowledge they need in order to powerfully take charge of their lives rather than continually being bandied about like a ship in a raging sea by jealous people who want to control them. 

Angels are completely honest and straightforward, and go through their lives erroneously assuming that others are as forthright as they are. 
Because they have so much light, many people love them. But also, because they tend to be highly intelligent and possess many talents, some tend to be jealous and wish to do them harm. These same people find the Angels to be easy targets, because Angels-incarnate usually accept others’ words at face value. They are naïve and easy for deceivers to manipulate. They do not understand manipulation because they would never manipulate, and they fail to realize that not everyone is trustworthy. For this reason, they often buy into criticism even when the true motivation for such criticism is jealously rather than frankness.

When I became completely aware that the work I do is exactly the work I signed up to do before I came into this life, I entered a peaceful awareness that allowed me to enjoy giving Readings.With the assistance of the Angels, clients move forward in their lives with a whole new insight as to who they really are. As they realize they are Angels-incarnate, their faces change from confusion and perplexity into the light of true understanding.
As they receive their messages concerning the beauty of their soul, and their specific purpose for being in this life, their attitude concerning the pain they suffered earlier in their lives starts to vanish. 

As I am able to find their blocks to success and happiness and then clear those blocks away, their lives are transformed.
 After their Reading, they look very different from the way they looked before. They are happier, more confident, more self-assured, and it shows. They tell me that their old beliefs concerning their supposed limitations are gone, which allows the4m to be more open to their intuition and their psychic abilities.

As the Angels are learning who they are, and are allowing themselves to be fully empowered, they are no longer allowing themselves to be manipulated, nor are they accepting deceit. With their new awareness of their connection to Source, it is far easier than before to stay focused and fulfill their true purpose. 

    In this way Victory is ours. The time of Victory of the Angels is NOW.

                         Blessings, ZARA ANGEL


  1. Thank you, I have recently discovered my origins from my akshaic records as a Lemurian lightworker. I have starseed markings in my natal chart and have always felt I am not from here. At a young age I was very inquisitive and curious about everything, also accident prone. I am only 25 and have experienced more things than most people do in their lives; I have almost died from MRSA (ulcers combined with antibiotic resistant staph infection). From a young age I was always interested in spirituality and religion and a knowing of this not being the real world. I had two imaginary friends when I was young that came from the Pacific Ocean near my house off the coast of Northern California (I live on the other side of the highway from the ocean). I know I am here as a healer, writer of spiritual revolution to come, and to change the music industry. Music is food for the soul and we need to hear the good stuff not what is catchy on the radio (too much garbage). I don't know why I was drawn to you, but everything fits like pieces of a greater puzzle and I would like to find out more about my specific Archangel ray of light which I think mine is Uriel (I could be wrong because of my connection to Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael). I have also recently discovered I am part of the golden children which is a combo of Indigo-Rainbow (I am a Gemini from 1988). My mother also had a vision a year before I was born that she was going to have a boy and then I arrived on May 27 at 4:37 at 7 pounds and I was supposed to be born on the 17th. I have always felt at ease with generations far older than I even from the ages of 2 and 3. Bless your soul for the information you have provided and if you have some time I would love a reading.

  2. Hi Zara
    I don't know how to express this. First of all I thank you & archangel Michael for being there. I've been going through this torment since my childhood, trying to fit in this world which has given me so much pain and still I am in the same state. I've always had this special bond with our source and sought answers to spiritual questions. I've always known that I don't belong here & had a sense of mission and responsibilty towards earth which kept on increasing as time passed. But Zara,with so much hurt and pain given to me I find it impossible to be here and long to return home.Everytime I think this way,my inner voice tells me to hold love and forgive all. But I feel so weak and weary now. As I was pleading to archangel Michael for help I stumbled upon your site. Now I know why. Can you help me.

    Love always
    Shreya('Alannah', that's the name i identify with as it was revealed to me by the higher self)